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About Us

- Pamela Jouan-Goldman-

Pamela Jouan-Goldman is a mother, track-mom, writer and editor at She grew up in London, England and has lived in Los Angeles, Aix-En-Provence, France and New York before moving to Mount Pleasant, SC in 2017. Fun fact: she worked in promotion at Atlantic Records. She has a B.A. in English Lit and completed a Masters Writing Program at UCLA.



Julia Goldman is a 7th grader, All-American runner and serious bullet-journal keeper. She plays guitar and ukele, is partial to foreign languages, and knows her way around a tennis court! Fun fact: she was offered a spot at a ballet school in New York City in third grade. She currently runs for Mount Pleasant Track Club and Lucy Beckham High School.



- Julia Goldman-
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When they aren’t collaborating together, you can find them working on a baking project in the kitchen, at the beach with their dog Beau, or enjoying a Friday morning walk together to get chai and donuts at their favorite coffee spot.

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