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Introducing Run Like A Girl Books

inspiring young runners to read and young readers to run

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Run Like A Girl Books was created by mother-daughter team, Pamela Jouan-Goldman and Julia Goldman, who live in Mount Pleasant, SC.


When we decided to work on a pandemic writing project together, we started with a title and a blank slate. A year and a half later, we self-published a Middle Grade fictional sports book about a young runner who comes out of her shell on the track.

TURTLE pulls stories from real-life experiences: track-meets, interactions with other runners, and most importantly,  amazing coaches. We wanted to make sure we created a book that would inspire young readers to run and young runners to read and also give back to the running community.

Turtle is the first in the Run Like A Girl series that follows 10-year-old Emma Jackson's dedicated running journey from elementary school all the way to college.

So far we have raised money for Mount Pleasant Track Club and are now working with Girls on the Run. Our goal is to reach out to lots of local track clubs in a similar way.

We encourage mothers and daughters to read these books together. Each will tackle very real issues girls face as athletes and we know that addressing these as a family makes them each a lot easier to overcome.

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